A podcast discussing the many paths to marketing, sales, and entrepreneurial success

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#14: - James Collins - Imposter Syndrome & the Insecure Overachievers

James Collins, Senior Linux Systems Engineer at CrunchTime!, was never a "risk lover" growing up. However, looking back on the past few years, he has made leaps into multiple roles, trying out what interests him and broadening his skills along the way. That mindset didn't happen overnight. James discusses that transformation, and his "imposter sydrome"; a mental state he believes leads many of us to become a working class of Insecure Overachievers About the Guest:


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#13: - New Year, New Podcast

After one full year of building an original podcast to a viral industry leader in thought leadership, Jacob and John discuss what they’ve learned and goals for 2018. Read More...

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#12: - Nick Cosky - Turning Your Passion Into A Career

Have you ever been stuck in a job you don’t like? Unsure of what to do next? Going through the motions without really caring? Dreaming about turning that hobby of yours into a day-to-day job?

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3 Reasons Video and Messaging are taking over Digital Marketing

There have been major changes in both marketing and technology over the past 10 years.


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#11: - Rob Battaglia - From Top Rep to Manager & the Corporate Sales Movement

Enterprise sales - a selling landscape that values relationship building, handshakes, and face to face meetings. Rob Battaglia, Coporate Sales Manager at HubSpot, has seen it firsthand at mutliple organizations over the past 10+ years. As a top sales rep and manager at outbound and inbound organizations, Rob gives us his insights into what makes somone successful in a enterprise selling and how it has changed over the years.


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4 Ways Chatbots Can Streamline Your Marketing Strategy

Chatbots are nothing new and have been around since the days of AOL Instant Messenger (RIP).


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#10: Part 2 Ryan Deiss - Have Plans A Through Q And Then Some In Entrepreneurship

Ryan Deiss continues the conversation on Part 2, and reveals the closest he's come to taking a company to the brink of failure.

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#10: Part 1 Ryan Deiss - Have Plans A Through Q And Then Some In Entrepreneurship

How does one become a successful entrepreneur? As much as we glorify the “big idea”, that idea so groundbreaking and innovative that it’s an instant hit, most influential businesses were spawned from trial and error. Ryan Deiss, CEO of Digital Marketer, argues that it’s about trying multiple endeavors and finding what you’re extraordinary at. On the latest episode of Carry The Water, Ryan talks about the variety of ideas he’s tried from reinventing his financial services role to writing ebooks on how to roll sushi. Many of those ideas had their ups and downs as Ryan was on the brink of failure a few times on his way to success with Digital Marketer.

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#09: Marcus Murphy - What is Sales DNA?

Marcus Murphy has worked in sales and account management roles for a variety of different organizations from Enterprise Rent-A-Car to Yelp. Now as the Director of Sales at Digital Marketer, Marcus has come to value the concept of an organization’s “Sales DNA” when building teams. Marcus argues that every company has a direction and culture deeply rooted in its foundations, and the corresponding sales team needs to fit that mold in order to scale. For example, a team of cut throat closers may not align well with a company that values customer’s buying process and research. That doesn’t mean the team wouldn’t make a ton of money in the short term - they probably would. However, long term retention, customer happiness, etc would surely suffer. Marcus shares experiences that range from social selling to selling rental cars to drug dealers.  

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#08: Logan Draper - Plunge the Toilets Before you Lead a Team

What would you do if you had the opportunity to lead a company at an early age? Would you jump at the chance, or take the lowest job on the totem pole? This was the opportunity in front of Logan Draper as he started working at his Father’s traditional marketing agency, Design Works Group.