A podcast discussing the many paths to marketing, sales, and entrepreneurial success

John Ippolito

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#12: - Nick Cosky - Turning Your Passion Into A Career

Have you ever been stuck in a job you don’t like? Unsure of what to do next? Going through the motions without really caring? Dreaming about turning that hobby of yours into a day-to-day job?

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#11: - Rob Battaglia - From Top Rep to Manager & the Corporate Sales Movement

Enterprise sales - a selling landscape that values relationship building, handshakes, and face to face meetings. Rob Battaglia, Coporate Sales Manager at HubSpot, has seen it firsthand at mutliple organizations over the past 10+ years. As a top sales rep and manager at outbound and inbound organizations, Rob gives us his insights into what makes somone successful in a enterprise selling and how it has changed over the years.


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#10: Part 2 Ryan Deiss - Have Plans A Through Q And Then Some In Entrepreneurship

Ryan Deiss continues the conversation on Part 2, and reveals the closest he's come to taking a company to the brink of failure.

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#10: Part 1 Ryan Deiss - Have Plans A Through Q And Then Some In Entreprenuership

How does one become a successful entrepreneur? As much as we glorify the “big idea”, that idea so groundbreaking and innovative that it’s an instant hit, most influential businesses were spawned from trial and error. Ryan Deiss, CEO of Digital Marketer, argues that it’s about trying multiple endeavors and finding what you’re extraordinary at. On the latest episode of Carry The Water, Ryan talks about the variety of ideas he’s tried from reinventing his financial services role to writing ebooks on how to roll sushi. Many of those ideas had their ups and downs as Ryan was on the brink of failure a few times on his way to success with Digital Marketer.

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#09: Marcus Murphy - What is Sales DNA?

Marcus Murphy has worked in sales and account management roles for a variety of different organizations from Enterprise Rent-A-Car to Yelp. Now as the Director of Sales at Digital Marketer, Marcus has come to value the concept of an organization’s “Sales DNA” when building teams. Marcus argues that every company has a direction and culture deeply rooted in its foundations, and the corresponding sales team needs to fit that mold in order to scale. For example, a team of cut throat closers may not align well with a company that values customer’s buying process and research. That doesn’t mean the team wouldn’t make a ton of money in the short term - they probably would. However, long term retention, customer happiness, etc would surely suffer. Marcus shares experiences that range from social selling to selling rental cars to drug dealers.  

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#08: Logan Draper - Plunge the Toilets Before you Lead a Team

What would you do if you had the opportunity to lead a company at an early age? Would you jump at the chance, or take the lowest job on the totem pole? This was the opportunity in front of Logan Draper as he started working at his Father’s traditional marketing agency, Design Works Group. 

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#07: Neal Blackburn: Lesson Learned From Starting a Business Overseas

On this episode, SnapApp's Neal Blackburn discusses the obstacles of entrepreneurship overseas and the skills he built while doing so. Those skills would later be transferrable to his sales experiences in the Mar-Tech space.


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#06: 30 Countries Before Age 30 & Starting a Marketing Agency in Between with Radhakrishnan Kg

Radhakrishnan KG (RK), founder of Web Namaste, talks about growing up with the pressure of career expectations from friends and family. While everyone expected him to study medicine, RK gravitated towards the internet. As he honed his online marketing skills he soon discovered that he could build a career out of it. Over the past 10 years RK has built an inbound marketing agency and traveled to over 30 countries before the age of 30. 

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#05: Risk vs. Reward and the Power of Positive Mental Attitude with Luke Summerfield

Why do so many people talk about their next great business idea but rarely ever follow through? It’s no surprise that ideas for some of the most successful startups were concepts multiple individuals came up with before someone had the willingness to actually execute on it. CTW’s guest this week, Luke Summerfield, boils that down to a person’s risk tolerance. At 14 years old Luke started a Paintball company that his Dad asked him, “What’s stopping you?”. He’s held that entrepreneurial attitude through a variety of businesses and projects in his career. While Luke loves risk more than most, he claims in this episode that it is a muscle each one of us can train overtime.


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#04: From Radio to Marketing - the Story of Adolfo Gonzalez


Adolfo Gonzalez got into radio as a teenager. Deciding he wasn't good enough, he walked into a local radio station in Texas and literally started taking notes. After a few weeks of note taking one of the show's hosts asked him he wanted an internship. One thing led to another and Adolfo ended up taking a bus from Texas to Boston. He'd end up staying in radio for 10+ years as a main feature of CBS Boston's Toucher and Rich. 

Now Adolfo is looking to marketing and sales in the Boston tech scene for his next opportuntiy. Here is his story.