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#07: Neal Blackburn: Lesson Learned From Starting a Business Overseas

On this episode, SnapApp's Neal Blackburn discusses the obstacles of entrepreneurship overseas and the skills he built while doing so. Those skills would later be transferrable to his sales experiences in the Mar-Tech space.


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Will "The Robots" take over Sales Development Roles?

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the marketplace and leaving many people wondering what the future of their jobs will be.


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#06: 30 Countries Before Age 30 & Starting a Marketing Agency in Between with Radhakrishnan Kg

Radhakrishnan KG (RK), founder of Web Namaste, talks about growing up with the pressure of career expectations from friends and family. While everyone expected him to study medicine, RK gravitated towards the internet. As he honed his online marketing skills he soon discovered that he could build a career out of it. Over the past 10 years RK has built an inbound marketing agency and traveled to over 30 countries before the age of 30. 

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How Online Reviews Affect My Buying Decisions

The internet and social media have brought a lot of changes to our lives, both positive and negative, depending on how you view it. But one of the biggest things it has given us is a constant, never-ending stream of opinions about everything. Some of these opinions are valid, some of them aren’t. And many of them show up in the form of online reviews.


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#05: Risk vs. Reward and the Power of Positive Mental Attitude with Luke Summerfield

Why do so many people talk about their next great business idea but rarely ever follow through? It’s no surprise that ideas for some of the most successful startups were concepts multiple individuals came up with before someone had the willingness to actually execute on it. CTW’s guest this week, Luke Summerfield, boils that down to a person’s risk tolerance. At 14 years old Luke started a Paintball company that his Dad asked him, “What’s stopping you?”. He’s held that entrepreneurial attitude through a variety of businesses and projects in his career. While Luke loves risk more than most, he claims in this episode that it is a muscle each one of us can train overtime.


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6 Ways to Navigate Your Next Networking Event

When I first started attending networking events I rarely looked forward to them. My mind would race as I wondered why I brought 30 business cards with me or whether I would run into someone I knew. Over time, I started to realize that no one you would actually want to meet will be pitching you the first time you meet them.


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#04: From Radio to Marketing - the Story of Adolfo Gonzalez


Adolfo Gonzalez got into radio as a teenager. Deciding he wasn't good enough, he walked into a local radio station in Texas and literally started taking notes. After a few weeks of note taking one of the show's hosts asked him he wanted an internship. One thing led to another and Adolfo ended up taking a bus from Texas to Boston. He'd end up staying in radio for 10+ years as a main feature of CBS Boston's Toucher and Rich. 

Now Adolfo is looking to marketing and sales in the Boston tech scene for his next opportuntiy. Here is his story.


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How to Use Storytelling to Build Trust with Your Audience

“Storytelling” has become a bit of a buzzword recently but the truth is there is no better way to help and lead others than by telling stories. TED Talks are one of the best illustrations of storytelling, with world-class speakers using simple narratives and engaging stories to illustrate their messages.

Research has shown that we respond to descriptive stories in powerful ways. Sharing a real and engaging story is one of the best ways to build trust and connect with your audience.

Storytelling works because it allows your listeners to see, understand, and feel your message. Listed below are seven ways you can begin using storytelling to build trust:

1. Keep it simple

The most impactful stories are simple and to the point. When you are telling a story, a good model to follow is to talk about a problem, the solution you found, and the growth that resulted from it. Because our minds crave simplicity, following this model will keep your audience more engaged and allow them to trust you.

2. Be authentic

Yes, you are telling a story but honesty and authenticity are important components. People can sense when you aren’t being genuine. You can be creative but don’t just say what you think your audience wants to hear.

3. Show, don’t tell

This is one of the most fundamental ideas behind storytelling because your audience won’t connect with facts and figures. Your audience should be able to imagine the setting, sense the conflict, and feel the emotion behind the story.

4. Be consistent

If your audience distrusts you then it is most likely because you are being very inconsistent with how you deliver your message. To be consistent you have to really be clear on the message you are trying to share with people. Your message can change to a certain extent but your overall voice and delivery should be predictable.

5. Your story should solve a problem

The best way to engage with your audience is by telling them about a problem you faced and the solution you found to overcome that problem. This is effective because there are no unique problems; someone else has found themselves in that exact same situation. By sharing a problem and the solution you found you will become more relatable to your audience.

6. Keep the focus on yourself

When you are sharing stories with your audience be very careful to keep the focus on yourself. When your stories start becoming about other people they can begin to veer into the category of advice, which almost everyone hates. Or even worse, it can turn into gossip which is not something you want to be known for.

7. Make your audience feel something

Think about the story you are telling your audience and how it will make them feel. We all have an abundance of information at our disposal but it is important to understand that information alone is not enough to move people to action. Information paired with emotion is what drives people to action and that is why storytelling is so powerful. Read More...

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#03: Part 2 Emily & Brendan, MassChallenge alums, talk the challenges of running a startup

 Emily Levy of Mighty Well and Brendan Candon of SidelineSwap continue their discussion with CTW on the emotional and mental qualities they think contribute to their ability to found a run a startup. We also look ahead to what's next for both entrepreneurs as they look to scale and the challenges they forsee. 


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#03: Part 1 Emily & Brendan, MassChallenge Alums, Talk the Challenges of Running a Startup

Almost everyone has sat around with friends and shot around ideas for their next great business. Very few have taken steps towards putting that idea into action and even less have succeeded.